‘Always high’: Monkey caught stealing and drinking petrol from bike (Watch Video)


Chandigarh: You must have heard about monkeys being addicted to bananas, cold drinks etc – access to these things is easy when living in urban areas.

But a shocking case has come to light wherein a monkey has been found to be addicted to, yes, petrol.

As per reports, the monkey was caught stealing and drinking petrol from motor cycles in Panipat, Haryana.

The ‘thief’ was caught after a group of bike owners decided to find out who was stealing petrol from their vehicles day after day.



The discovery, however, stunned them: they found the monkey pulling fuel pipes off and sucking petrol from the tanks.

In fact, as per reports, the animal used to drink so much petrol that it was ‘always high’.

It has also been reported that the monkey used to refuse bananas given to it.

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