Amarnath Yatris show the true spirit of Shiv devotees


Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu : Despite official prohibition of the Holy Amarnath Yatra for the second time in a week, the pilgrims from various parts of the country visiting the state though troubled, yet are seeking ways to keep up their spirits in the ‘city of temples’.
The adamant yatris have decided not to leave without reaching their destination, the holy Cave, and paying their obeisance to Baba Barfani. Meanwhile, many have detoured their initial yatra plan and are visiting Sri Mata Vaishno Devi and Shiv Khouri shrines.
The yatris staying in Jammu are enjoying themselves, engaging in sight-seeing, many of them were seen visiting the Canals and immersing themselves in the cool water channel. The intense violent situation prevalent in Kashmir has not shaken their faith or their longing to visit the shrine. Even when a sizable number have decided to return home owing to the 5th day of curfew in the Valley, the queues of yatris outside the token counters do not seem to be shrinking anytime.
Sad, as it is, the yatris are hopeful of visiting the Holy Cave sooner and have also urged the Government to make solid and foolproof security arrangements. The visitors from other parts of the country are praying for normalcy to return to valley.
Keeping in mind the failure of the government to provide better accommodations to all visiting the state and even the collapse at providing proper security, since stones were pelted at the buses carrying yatris, the optimism of the yatris is something to be looked up to.


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