Amazon to offer jobs to students, homemakers to speed up deliveries


Mumbai:Amazon India has come up with an idea to offer students, homemakers and retired professionals part-time jobs– thus ensuring faster deliveries of products and creating a new job opportunity for the layman.

Quick, trusted and on-time delivery is the essence of the e-commerce industries. The Amazon India has come up with several ideas to deliver products to its customer. One such is Amazon Prime, where it assures to deliver certain products the next day itself. Whereas, Amazon Prime Now assures to deliver groceries within two-hours.

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The Amazon India has now come up with a new initiative called, Amazon Flex. Under this initiative, the Amazon India assures to create job opportunities for thousands and providing them an opportunity to earn an income during their free time.

Whoever joins this initiative, the person needs to work for four hours a day and can earn Rs 120-140 per hour for delivering packages which will be paid on every Wednesday.