American television sitcom The Office cast dance to the beats of ‘Lagawelu Jab Tu Lipistick’, see here


Los Angeles:A hilarious video of a scene from the popular American television sitcom The Office synced with a Bhojpuri song has gone viral on social media. The video features characters from The Office dancing to Bhojpuri song Jab Lagawelu Tu Lipistick.

A Reddit user, while sharing the video, said, “A little experiment with syncing ‘The Office’ to Bhojpuri Music.” In the video, the show’s characters can be seen dancing to the beats of the Bhojpuri song as a result of the music being juxtaposed with a scene from the show. Once uploaded, it did not take much time for the video to go viral.

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The viral video has left netizens rolling on the floor with laughter. Many lauded how the song synced with the video perfectly.

“Best thing on the internet today,” said one user.

Another wrote, “IDK man no matter what when this song plays my feet start moving themselves. The amount of explosive energy in this song is surreal.”

A third user suggested to take up another project. “Great work! Next would be Rinkiya Ke Papa?!”