Government formation in J&K on hold after Amit Shah consults RSS


The PDP and the BJP are struggling to stitch alliance even after two months of declaration of the verdict. The discussions were expected to move further to swearing-in on February 22 but the delay has further stalled the progress for a vague period. The prolonged discussions and the meetings have delayed the decisions on hold and the two parties have not yet resolved their take on the administrative issues. The Common Minimum Program is to be released by the leaders of both the parties keeping all the crucial issues in matter to benefit the people. The CMP however was expected to be approved by the leaders by now and the government was expected to take charge on February 22. Mufti-led PDP had propounded that the government should be formed on February 22 and the BJP too indicated its eagerness to form the government.


The recent assertions by the PDP on Article 370, AFSPA has again put the decision on halt for an unspecific period. The BJP agreed to abandon some of its demands to find a common ground but that has mustered enough criticism from many and the hurdles need to be removed fully before the deal is clinched between the two parties for the next six years.

PDP’s stand on the contentious issues had been tough and RSS has indicated disapprobation particularly in reference to the autonomous status of J&K. The provision of Article 370 gives a special provision to the state, hence J&K has a separate flag and constitution of its own and the laws passed by the parliament do not apply to the state unless the state legislature ratifies it. The RSS lately cautioned BJP to not rush its decision just for the sake of power.

BJP president Amit Shah held a meeting with RSS leaders in Delhi yesterday before moving on the talks towards the six year deal between the two parties. Now the contentious issues and the administrative decisions like Budget preparations, revenue collection, reconstitution of institutions like PSC had been kept at bay. Sayeed’s statement that the party is in no hurry to form the government has made the situation more controversial.

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