An appeal to locals; Stop pampering Kashmiri Terrorists

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Jammu and Kashmir

JAMMU, MARCH 8: Many question have been raised on the failure of the State and Central Government to contain terrorism in Kashmir. Critics want to know why Government is pampering the terrorists and their supporters in the Valley despite having enough experience in how to contain the militancy.

“Recently, Pakistani terrorists stormed the EDI building at Pampore on Jammu-Srinagar national highway as soldiers fought terrorists. As fighting continued between soldiers and terrorists, the mosques at Frestabal, Drangbal, Kadlabal and Sempora played recordings appreciating the terrorists, praising Pakistan and demanding azadi.

A large group of youngsters also assembled close to the encounter site to physically prevent the security forces from launching combat operations. As a result, militants and their local friends are now ruling the roost,” wrote Joginder Singh in his column in a national daily.
An opinion is building across the country that time has come to eradicate terrorists and terrorism from Kashmir once for all.

“The policy of pampering the terrorists with a hope that they would change their ways has to change. Need of the hour is to fight a decisive war against the terror and terrorism,” said a critic.

“The Government of India is well aware of how terrorism was contained in Punjab and West Bengal. Still, it is applying double standards in Kashmir and spending Indian tax-payer money on appeasing terrorists, some of whom have high positions of power and influence in the State,” the critic added.

Many people across the country have started believing that terrorists and their mentors need to be taught a lesson. “These people have been unleashing terror in JK for the past 26-years and now they have started infiltrating into other parts of the country.

“These terrorists are infiltrating into India without any fear and are bleeding us. If these terrorists can enter India without fear why can’t our Army cross the Line of Control and destroy their bases once for all ?,” the critic asked.

There is every possibility of peace loving citizens of India falling prey to the heinous designs of the terrorists. One hopes our politicians wake up before it’s too late said an Analyst

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