An example of restraint


Srinagar, July 9: There are those in the valley and outside who believe and express that the security forces, be it the police or the armed forces, do not exercise restraint while dealing with violent mobs. Some of these are also people who present commentary from Delhi or other parts of the world about how the armed forces and the police are definitely better trained than to kill protesters at sight. Their information is narrowed by only those inputs that they want to believe.

The issue is that certain sections of media, including the press in the valley does not highlight videos such as this one taken from the facebook wall of Mahesh Vikram Hegde. This is from back in April this year where you can see the ‘peaceful’ protesters not getting any response from an armed forces truck under heavy attack. There is no retaliation from the police station that also experiences the same peaceful protest.

Processions and stone pelting is so common in the valley on Fridays that it is an accepted routine now that after the Friday prayers, ISIS and Pakistan flags would be unfurled which has to be religiously followed with a round of stone pelting.

The Friday clashes is a weekly phenomenon going on for almost a year now. No deaths happen even after heavy stone pelting on the security forces on Fridays. There is restraint for sure but what HM Militant Burhan’s encounter has raged in the valley is much bigger than routine affairs. Killing of protesters cannot be justified but it is more than a few hundred men per security personnel since the last three days. Men with blood on their minds.


A police driver was heaved in Jhelum along with the police vehicle could not do anything either and lost his life after a mob only saw a policeman’s dress and nothing else. No death is acceptable and those inciting the fires of innocent young minds by paying them per day need to be taken to task.


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