An insight into the life of B.Com. third topper and multi talented Ragini Gupta

Ragini Gupta- B.Com topper of Government College for Women, Parade has secured third position in state with 71.55 per cent. Here is a glimpse of our conversation with the multi talented Ragini Gupta.

ragini gupta

Ragini Gupta has done her schooling from DPS, and aspires to become a lecturer in future. Not only in studies, she is also a national player of Skates with Hockey. Among her hobbies are travelling and she loves spending time with her friends. She is a big time movie buff and loves enjoying time with herself.

ragini gupta


Ragini has a younger brother who is a student of Class X. Her father is a businessman and mother, a home maker. Her mother Bindu Gupta’s immense support is what has always encouraged and motivated her. Ragini Gupta shared her feelings on this achievement and said that this moment is one of the most memorable moments of her life. “It is such a proud feeling to be one of the toppers in the state. I feel above everything,” she said. She added that her mom is the one who is truly behind her success. “She has always been there for me. She never pressurized me for anything ever and has always motivated me towards success and improvement,” she said.

Ragini said that she is preparing for her M.Com now and she aspires to be a lecturer. “I want to teach kids. I think that is one way of contributing to the society,” she expressed.

Her mom, Bindu Gupta had a few words of wisdom for other parents. She said that parents usually thrust their children with their own choices and desires but not doing so and letting the child carve his own path freely is what leads them to success. “Success should not be measured in terms of academics and books. I have always encouraged Ragini for sports and other activities also. Overall development is what a child needs in today’s world. I didn’t stop her from games or fun, for the sake of studies,” she said, adding, “Games khelne do.” Her mother said that Ragini has brought happiness to the whole family and “We cannot even express how proud we all are at the moment.” Her sister too, said that this is an achievement for her and for all of them as well.

Ragini Gupta


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