An open letter to Chairman JKPSC


Dear sir,

With due respect since you assumed charge as head of JKPSC with full member commission the crediblity of this highest infact constitutional body fell to zero. My dream of life was to crack kashmir Administrative Services exam and i have been preparing for it since my graduation time. I got eligible for this prestigious exam in 2014 and jkpsc advertised 51kas posts in the same year. I was enthusiastic and was preparing day and night for this exam without looking here and there as my only dream was to join Kashmir Administrative Services.Since then its fourth year in progress and i am yet waiting for its mains result. Your commission by its constant faulty decisions and irresponsible behaviour shattered my all dreams which i cherished since my childhood.

Though again a ray of hope arised in me when jkpsc advertised 277kas posts in May 2015. It lessened my frustration and i started preparing for it again. Then again its exam could not get conducted till March 2017. Finally after conducting prelims i started preparing for its Mains. But JKPSC again failed on its all front and put the result of prelims in abeyance because of mass error in result of its prelims. You shattered my all dreams,ruined my career and put a big question mark on my dream. Now i ask myself who is responsible for choosing of such a career for me which brought me to present situation.

Dear sir, if you cant bring transparency in such a prestigious institution then why you took such a big responsiblity on your shoulders of making the future of our state. I will suggest you two things in your good self to think upon to minimise frustration in aspirants:-

( 1) To declare kas Mains 2014 result without any further delay and then conduct interview of it.Declare its final result just after concluding interview.

(2)If you have the problem in making answer key of political science prelims i will give you a complete key for it which will be error free and unchalangable.If not so then come with immediate solution for it. As aspirants like me have already lost four precious years for it and cant wait any more. Moreover i will suggest you to take one third of the candidates for mains which is the best possible solution.


Yours sincerely

Kas Aspirant

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