An OPEN LETTER to PM Modi by the sister of CRPF jawaan who was mishandled by Kashmiri youth

My Dear PM Modi,

Please console me! The agony of my broken heart is unbearably suffocating! The shameful video of Kashmiri goons kicking and slapping the CRPF Jawans has shattered all the happiness and peace of mind in my house! Yes, PM Sir, the one robust Jawan whom that lowly ruffian slapped is MY BROTHER! Please give some solace to my heartbroken parents and me!

PM Sir, why is there a strange silence over this devastating video? Why are news channels avoiding running it? Why is the matter not condemned in the Parliament by our elected Representatives? How can our Home Minister Mr Rajnath Singh and our Defence Minister Arun Jaitley completely ignore it? Why does PDP-BJP Government look the other way when our Jawans face such humiliation? Where are those Human Rights Peddlers who break bangles for the pellet injuries to the Stone Pelters? And leave everyone else, PM Sir, why are you silent on the issue? This deafening silence is killing me, Sir! Please have some guts to stand by our Jawans , all of you, or else don’t call yourselves ‘Men’!

That hand of my muscular brother, on which I tie Rakhi every year, is equal to the ten hands of those filthy scoundrels. Why does he have to follow restraint and get slapped, kicked and heckled by those lowly creatures? Isn’t it everyone’s fundamental right to protect themselves from such physical attacks?

In his last visit, my dear Dada had told me some horrendous stories of the woes of Army and CRPF Jawans in Kashmir. He had made me promise that I wouldn’t breathe any of this to Aai-Baba. We both have this habit of keeping our secrets safe with each other. But this secret was weighing too heavy on my heart all these months. Dada used to convince Aai-Baba that all was well with him at his post in Kashmir. Even I would have liked to believe that, if only I hadn’t known the truth.

PM Sir, Army Jawans have at least a right to use tear gas or Aerial shots to whisk away those nasty stone pelters hired by Separatists. Even the Kashmir Police can use their power to bring the chaos under control. Why can’t CRPF Jawans exert some power to protect themselves from those money-minded rascals? Why are they made to suffer their atrocities? Could the stone pelters have dared to exhibit such disgusting behavior with the Army or Police? It’s very unlike my Brother to suffer injustice, PM Sir! I can imagine how demotivating and frustrating such nasty incidents must be for him to suffer in silence!

PM Sir, just last week the whole Parliament stood in support of that Chappal-mar Politician from Shiv Sena , Ravindra Gaikwad ! The unity among the ministers from ruling and opposition party over this shameful issue was astounding. But sadly, ‘Jawans’ are nobody’s business! Even Home Minister is busy with ‘Bharat Ke Veer’! Aren’t our CRPF Jawans ‘Bharat ke Veer’?

My Dada and his colleagues were on Election Duty. They were carrying heavy Electoral Voting Machines on their backs. As it is, they are ordered not to retaliate with these so called ‘civilians’. Tell this distressed sister, my PM Sir, why was Police force not accompanying these CRPF Jawans? Is it a part and parcel of CRPF Jawan’s duty to face such degradation while on duty? My Dada has told me tales as to how these Police abandon CRPF Jawans to their fate when confronted by handful of protesters!

The Politicians from Congress and AAP  are making a hue and cry of EVM issue day in day out. Why do they become speechless when it comes to stand in support of those CRPF Jawans carrying EVM? Our Defence Force is the reason these corrupt politicians can contest elections in democratic way!

As you know, PM Sir, the slogans of Kashmir, ‘Bharat tere tukde honge, Inshaah Allah Inshaah Allah’ echoed in Rajdhani too. Imagine the fury of the family Members of Jawans when we saw Politicians like Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal supporting those anti national Commie ‘students’ who said that Army rapes in Kashmir! What tremendous power these anti-national forces must have, to force the politicians to risk their reputation and stand by them!

Enough is enough, PM Sir! You had wiped our tears by avenging Uri Martyrs with the historic Surgical Strike! All the family members of Army and CRPF are weeping inconsolably today! Come on, do a surgical strike on the inside enemies this time! Give powers to Army and CRPF to shoot these anti-national ISIS flag holders of Kashmir! I dare you, PM Sir, arrest those traitorous Separatists who fund this Pakistan Sponsored Terrorism in our Valley! Deport those separatists in the guise of Politicians like Farooq Abdullah to their motherland, Pakistan! Only then, my PM Sir, we will be consoled. If not you, who else can do this, PM Sir?

There are 70000 CRPF Jawans posted in Kashmir. You owe them an assurance, my PM Sir! They all must be feeling low after their real picture is exposed to their family, friends and relatives! Already 2850 jawans have suffered injuries since the terrorist Burhan Wani’s death. The Media will never show this. They are paid to shower their outpouring love for the paid pawns of Separatists. I say, PM Sir, these corrupt journalists like Barkha Dutt and Shekhar Gupta should be made to stand with the army facing stone pelters . Then we will see if their love for the misguided spoilt brats overflows or dries! Our jawans in Kashmir are facing extreme atrocities of hired freedom fighters since 2001.Put a stop to this nonsense and let the 95% of Kashmiri people live their lives.

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