An open letter to the future of Kashmir, the Youngsters of Heaven



How do I write “hope you are doing well or hope you are fine” because I know you are not. Before proceeding further I may expect your silly and used to comments like You Gujjar gaddaar, unIslamic Indian agent etc, let me clear you yeah am a proud Indian, proud Gujjar and Muslim Alhamdulillah! but for me, it hardly matters in your case.


Let’s discuss on humanitarian ground. Friends we are on verge of losing our this generation and time is not so far there will be no Kashmiri youth left behind to continue your generation. We are losing our brothers and sisters in three major grounds Kashmir conflict, drug menace on its peak in Kashmir and depression.

Let’s not think of India-Pakistan or Kashmir for a while just focus on the deaths due to army, militants, ikhwans or Kashmiris themselves. How many intelligent minds we have lost? Maybe it Lt. Umar Fayaz or Burhan Wani we lost two sharp brains may be Einstein, Kalaam, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg of Kashmir.

What we got in last 20 year of arm struggle? half widows, orphan children, hopeless parents, alone siblings just this. From Mirwaiz Molvi Farooq, Adv. Prem Nath Butt, justice Neel Kant Ganjoo, to the last killing in the valley we have only lost intelligent minds, intellectuals. Now think where we are heading and what enemy wants to do with Kashmir. Be practical and think for a while with a cool mind, better step out of your house alone and sit along a bank of the river , have a Shikhara ride or go deep inside beautiful calm apple orchard nearby you and try to get answers to these questions. You need not reply back or have to attack back with the silly argument just to win the debate or to prove yourself as I don’t care about winning or losing. Just think to get your answers and analyze yourself and act accordingly.

1, Where are the kiths and kins of these so called freedom loving leaders?

2, Why are these miscreants burning schools in Kashmir?

3, Why EDI building targeted twice?

4, Why everyone who dies is a student, activist, employee or entrepreneur?

5, do you need a successful career in life? If yes what are you doing for that?

6, Is this jihad ?? {read translation of quran}

7, why most of the Kashmiri youth is on drugs?

8, why cases of depression and STDs are raising day by day among youths. I think you are having much batter answers than me! now it’s time to act yaar.

I know 70% among you peoples who are educated know the fact that Kashmiris are much safe and secure with India. That is another thing that you will not admit that. We have the example of PoK. And also u are much aware of the fact that there is no survival of independent Kashmir lying between India, Pakistan and China’ three atomic powers. But you guys are either forced by the situation in the valley to faith blindly on what they say or u are just doing this seeing the person next to u is also doing.

Kashmiri brain is listed in most intellect and sharp minds of the world, please don’t let it work toward disaster. Think of Kashmiri pundits, the only migrant society in the world which is well settled this is because of their sharp brains.

Why can’t you peoples? Keep all the history aside and just think of your parents and your future set your target other than so called freedom and follow your dream you will see change insha’Allah. Frankly speaking, this is not jihad which is going on in Kashmir. the foremost rule for going on jihad is the permission from your parents. Ask yourself will your parents allow you to join militancy? Do they ask you to go and throw stones? I know your answer is ‘NO’. I too have parents. Serving old parents and make them smile is jihad, in fact, Jihad e Afzal. Some among you will now raise a question like what is going on with Kashmiri students outside Kashmir so let me answer that. 10% of the kashmiri student outside Kashmir would have faced difficulty in India that is just because that we Indian had lost faith on Kashmiris. And I promise if you will be able to retain that faith back we will walk ten steps toward you if you will walk one step.

At last, if your answers have made you face the change and realize your dream and let us know with hashtag … #i_am_kashmiri_and _i_have_faith_on_indian_democracy.

I promise you for your 1 hashtag we are 100 waiting here to reply with #i_love_kashmiri_brothers. Let us try this and walk a step toward peace. Let us blind all those evil eyes on Kashmir. Let us change for Kashmiryat


Zeshan Anjum

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