Another IAS officer’s ‘friendship’ controversy surfaces and media starts preaching


Before we give out the details, there is a simple question to ponder over: Are people at high public positions (in this case an IAS officer) not allowed to behave human-like when it comes to personal matters that in no way affects anyone in public?

Another followup question to wonder about is this: If, say, two IAS officers develop affection for each other, is it wrong?

Unless someone is in an illegal relationship, their personal business is really their own and an IAS officer or any high ranking official is entitled to their personal space just as much as anyone else. Except, sadly, that does not happen in our society.

A New Controversy to Fill Columns in Newspapers


About two weeks ago, a major controversy had rocked both the houses at Srinagar Secretariat over the suicide attempt by a certain IAS officer who was then promptly transferred by the government the very next day. But just because one case went rogue, does not permit measuring every other relationship with the same yardstick.

It is sad that certain sections of media went speculating in a similar case after the recent transfer of a female officer in a certain department. The department also has a Senior IAS officer and a leading daily even published about their ‘friendship’.

According to a media report, sources in Government circles, even claim that the alleged intimacy between the two officers has been reported to the top official heading the department.

According to the same report the official had summoned the senior IAS officer to his chamber and sought clarification about the rumours surrounding his involvement in the affair with a female officer. The report claims that this senior IAS officer is soon to be transferred from his present place of posting.

It is pertinent to mention that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, during her speech in the House, had warned the Government functionaries against mixing up their personal life with public life.

Without naming anyone, she had said that people on responsible positions should avoid such controversies, which bring bad name to the Government as well as their own reputation.

The issue at hand again is just a simple question, ‘Are the love lives of anyone in the public spheres any more special than ours? If not, why give it the special attention?

The special attention just means that the gossip monger is from the 19th century where public acceptance of affection for a person in India was not tolerated and even looked down upon. Or it could also mean that an IAS officer is not supposed to fall in love, marry and have children with other IAS or any damn officer!

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