Another Terror Video making rounds on Social Media: Suspected Militants beat up SPOs in South Kashmir


SRINAGAR, May 5: In the latest attempt by militants to stoke fear in the Kashmir Valley and discourage locals from taking to the mainstream, a video that surfaced today shows a Jammu & Kashmir police official being tortured by terrorists, believed to from Pakistan-aided terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen.

In the video clip, militants can be seen cutting the hair of a man, said to be a J&K police personnel, while he pleads with them with folded hands to spare him.

The man is believed to have participated in a recruitment rally by the state government and operated as an informer for the security apparatus.

The militants then dip his head in water and barbarically torture him. He is also hit with a stick repeatedly.

The video, purportedly shot in a village in South Kashmir, comes at a time when unrest continues to spill over on the streets of Kashmir. However, a rise in interest among the local populace in taking up government jobs has also been witnessed alongside.

Experts believe that locals getting a source of income from the government would alter the sentiment dramatically, something that would demolish the intent of those who stoke disturbances in the restive region.

Any move towards the mainstream would defeat the hate that militants and separatists have tried to stoke and feed on for years.

While security agencies are verifying the location and time of the video, India TV does not vouch for its authenticity.

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