Anti-India radio in PoK: Time to counter Pak propaganda in Kashmir

radio-stationWhile the government of India has been fighting the terrorists on the ground but efforts made to fight the war against terror at ideological and psychological level has been little wanting. While troops, and para-military forces are stationed in adequate numbers to thwart any enemy design but there is need to take measures for fighting the propaganda unleashed by terrorists, and Pak war machine on social media sites, through mobile phones, and even through seminars and conferences as well as media.

Even if the fight on the ground is won by the troops there is strong reason to counter the agenda of the separatists which is well funded, and being used to radicalize the youth to join extremist terror groups. The launch of anti-India radio station on the internet called Radio Sada-e-Hurriyat-Jammu Wa Kasmir from Pak Occupied Kashmir is the latest salvo fired by the enemies across the border to spread anti-Indian messages among the masses.

This radio service has been ostensibly launched to strengthen anti-India, and Kashmir liberation movement, and it can be downloaded, and listened to by anyone with a mobile phone or connection. It is to noted that Pak agents in PoK have used the radio very effectively to motivate, and instigate the Kashmiri youth against India during the nineties.

It is a different matter that despite every effort of the enemy the people of Kashmir, and the youth have understood the futility of picking up the gun but still there are elements who get excited by the charm of Jihad. Many are also mislead into taking up arms by provocative messages and broadcasts by such channels. Taking into account the danger posed by Pak propaganda it is imperative upon the Indian government to start a large scale campaign on every medium to counter the Pak propaganda which is insidious and could prove dangerous if left unchecked.