Anti-Israel protests in Srinagar


Srinagar:  Dozens of students Monday staged a peaceful protest in Srinagar against Israel’s bombing in Gaza.

Shouting pro-Islam and pro-Palestine slogans, students gathered in Press Enclave area of the Residency Road to express their solidarity with the people of Palestine.

“Down with Israel, down with atrocities, Palestinian brothers we are with you,” said the protestors who remained peaceful during the gathering.

Police were deployed in the area but they did not intervene since the protestors did not resort to any violence.

Kashmir has been witnessing anger and anti-Israel protests for the past seven days against the bombings in Gaza in which innocent people have been killed.

The Muslim majority Kashmir has strong religious and emotional bond with the people of Palestine.

Any untoward incident in the Muslim countries, especially Palestine, has evoked strong reaction here in the past as well.

Pics:  Mudasir

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