Anti-National slogans will not be tolerated – ABVP Jammu

Jammu, February 25: ABVP has been actively protesting against the Anti-Nationals slogans raised in JNU campus all over the country. The ABVP student division of Jammu today carried out a rally march from Jammu University to Vikram Chowk against those who, they claim are ‘disrupting’ the national integration of our country. ABVP Tiranga Rally Jammu (3)  ABVP Tiranga Rally Jammu (4)  ABVP Tiranga Rally Jammu (5)  ABVP Tiranga Rally Jammu (6)

ABVP student president JU, Lokinder Singh spoke to U4UVoice, “This rally march has been given the title ‘Tiranga Yatra’ which we carried out from Jammu Univerity to Vikram Chowk against the Anti-Nationals who are trying to break the unity of our Mother India. Our organization has always opposed those who have raised their voice against the National Integrity.”

ABVP Tiranga Rally Jammu (2)

“Anti-National slogans will be not be tolerated in any part of our country, even in the remote areas,” he said.

“India is one and for the unity of our mother land many have sacrificed even with their lives and we will not let their sacrifices go in vain. This is the message for all those Anti-National people out there,” he added.

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