Anupam Kher visits Jagti, raises voice for Kashmiri migrants


Anupam Kher in JammuJagti, December 26: The veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher visited Jagti township for Kashmiri Migrants on Friday and while talking to the media, the actor hailed Minister Narendra Modi’s Pakistan’s surprise visit.

He said that it is a great diplomatic move made by Prime Minister. His intent is positive and he wants to give to give peace a chance and end perpetual hostility between the two countries.

“If the intent is there, things can move in a positive way,” he added

Anupam was visiting Jagti Township to attend a public meeting in the camp, which houses nearly 4,000 displaced Kashmiri Pandits. Pertinently, this Bollywood actor’s ancestors were from Srinagar. Also, several of his relatives live in Jammu. During his Jagti visit, Mr. Kher also sat with the locals and ate a Kashmiri lunch.

While praising Modi for his policies. Anupam Kher said that the PM has become a target of so many unrealistic charges in recent months. One can feel upset and satisfied when Modi does something but his steps are always to safeguard the interests of India.

Anupam Kher is a well known bollywood actor who has shown remarkable talent in some of the Bollywood blockbusters. He is in favour to end appeasement of separatists. He said that the appeasement should end at the political level. It is because of the appeasement of separatist that Pandits are living in camps in Jammu and other parts of India and are facing hardships. He added that the state as well as central government should make serious efforts to rehabilitate Pandits.

The actor also expressed his concern over the troubled lives of these Kashmiri Pandits and silence of the ‘tolerance brigade’, which was prompt in returning back their awards, Kher questioned their motive and said real intolerance was faced by 3.50 lakh Pandits when they were forced to leave the Valley.

He also assured the locals that his wife, Kirron Kher who is an MP from Chandigarh, has been raising the plight of Kashmiri Migrants in the Parliament and that the government is aware of their problems.

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