Anushka Sharma Welcomes POCSO Amendment Bill, call’s a necessary step


Actor Anushka Sharma has taken to social media to welcome the POCSO Amendment Bill that was passed in the Lok Sabha on Thursday after being presented by Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani in Rajya Sabha.

The bill has been passed with many added provisions to curb the sexual offenses against children in the country. Calling it a much necessary step, Anushka praised the Indian government for the Protection of Child From Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill.

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She took to Twitter and wrote, “The POCSO Amendment Bill was an absolutely necessary step in the right direction. Putting children’s safety in the absolute forefront should not be an option but a priority.”

Among the many provisions that the bill has introduced, one of them amounts to the death penalty for aggravated penetrative sexual assault. A minimum of 20-years of imprisonment for the guilty has been included in the provision. The Narendra Modi-led Indian government has been widely praised for introducing the necessary amendments to safeguard children against the acts of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The actor has also launched a campaign to demand stricter laws against animal cruelty in the country. The campaign has been named #JusticeForAnimals and Anushka, who has a social media following of about 60 million followers, has asked for stricter laws to punish the offenders.

Anushka has been deeply moved with the incident involving Lucky – a dog who got badly beaten up in Mumbai and died subsequently. Highlighting several gruesome cases of animal atrocities across India, the actor posted a note in her Instagram stories demanding policy change.