Apex court ruling needs to be replicated in J&K to control Friday riots

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New Delhi, 27 February:  Riots in Gujarat by the Patels and the more recent ones all over Haryana by the Jats has led to property losses running into thousands of crores. If business is to be included, in Haryana alone the total loss, since the Jat Reservation agitations turned into riots, the total loss has been upwards of 30,000 Crores.

Keeping this in the purview, the Supreme Court of India has come up with a historic ruling to prevent property destruction. The ruling favours making rioters and agitators, who destroy property, pay for the damages equivalent to the value of the destroyed property.

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This ruling by Supreme Court has taken into account all the recent riots in the country and as such the Supreme Court has directed for stringent laws to be made to prevent the ransacking of property.

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