APMCC condemns J&K Govt for stopping Kashmir Pandits Kounsar Nag Yatra


Kulgam/Jammu, July 31: All Parties Migrants Co-ordination Committee
(APMCC) has strongly condemned the attitude of J&K Government for
buckling under the pressure of some communal elements hell-bent upon foiling
the return of Kashmiri Pandits by stopping the Kounsar Nag Yatra even
after clearing it earlier.

In a statement issued here by the National Spokesperson of APMCC King
Bharati, the APMCC leaders took a strong notice of the fact that
certain groups created a misconception around Kounsar Nag Yatra known
as Kramsaras Tirtha (VishnuPaad) yatra among Kashmiri Pandits relating
it to the yatra being conducted by people of Jammu from Reasi side
adding Kashmiri Pandits have been going to this place from times
immemorial but now a communal colour is being given to it to create
fear psychosis among KPs that they won’t be allowed to worship
according to their will.

Talking to media after the Kulgam district administration did not
allow them to proceed further, Chairman APMCC Vinod Pandit castigated
the Omar Abdullah government for buckling under the pressure of some
communal elements without caring to clear the misconception among the
local people with an eye on the forthcoming elections.
He also questioned the authority of DC Kulgam for saying that the
traditional route was from Reasi and not Kashmir asking him where from
were Kashmiri Pandits going on pilgrimage before 1990, and why he gave
permission earlier.

He said Kashmiri Pandits have been going there since Nilmata times as
recorded in Raj Tarangni and books of Aurel Stein.

Pandit also took a strong note of the separatists and opponents of the
yatra for openly saying it was Muslim Kashmir adding why were they
adopting double standards and challenging yatras, and pilgrimages and
on the other hand saying Pandits are welcome to Kashmir.

King Bharati, National Spokesperson, APMCC, while reacting to the
cancellation of the yatra said that this was most unfortunate as the
government, the separatists, mainstream politicians and the civil
society has joined hands to prevent Kashmiri Pandits from performing
their religious activities adding Omar Abdullah, SAS Geelani, and
other separatist organisations besides Prime Minister Narendera Modi
must come out with clear stand towards Kashmiri Pandits return to
Kashmir and whether they want us back or not adding everybody was
adopting double standards.

Bharati said that while separatists were welcoming the return of
Pandits but issuing such checklists of Do’s and Don’ts is
contradictory adding it seems they want us in Kashmir as second class
citizens. He also asked SAS Geelani why Kashmiri Pandits yatra was
stopped when he himself says KPs should return to their original
places of residence adding how can they return when their every move
is looked upon with suspicion.

He said that yatras was a part of Kashmiri Pandit culture and
worshiping nature could never create pollution adding why were
separatists and civil society silent on the loot and plunder of
Gulmarg, Dal Lake, Pehalgam and other places where locals have
destroyed the ecology severely and whether it was only Kashmiri Pandit
who creates pollution.

He said Kashmiri Pandits were an educated community and know more
about ecological balance than other people.

He also clarified that Kounsar Nag Yatra was a simple pilgrimage to
the lake where Pandits would have offered water to their ancestors
after prayers which in no way can be called pollution.

Amit Raina, Senior Coordinator APMCC asked how could the presence of
40 Kashmiri Pandits pollute the Kounsar Nag but calling upon people to
construct a mosque there was ok for the ecology adding it was a ploy
to keep KPs out of Kashmir by threatening them same way as in 1990.

Advocate Arun Kandroo, General Secretary APMCC also questioned the
opposition of Kounsar Nag yatra saying how can Pandits feel safe in
their original places of residences when such mass oppositions are
managed to prevent them from conducting any religious activity.
He said that they perceive grave threat to the person of Vinod Pandit
and other members of APMCC adding if anything happens to anyone the
state and the central governments will be directly responsible for it.
He said their organisations was in the fore front to save cultural
heritage of Kashmir and working on ground level to help Kashmiri
Pandits return to their original homes but by targeting APMCC the
Civil society, separatists and the mainstream politicians including
the government was trying to prevent their return which exposes their
tall claims of composite culture and secularism.

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