APMCC demands Development Council for KPs

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India KashmirJammu: All Parties Migrants Coordination Committee (APMCC) has reiterated its demand for exclusive Development Councils for Kashmiri Pandits having full representation of only Kashmiri Pandits for the betterment and development of welfare schemes for KPs.
In a statement issued here by Vinod Pandit Chairman and King Bharati National Spokesperson said that the Government of India (GOI) was toying with the idea of having development councils for various areas and communities in Jammu and Kashmir and cautioned that GOI must also create separate Development Council for Kashmiri Pandit community having full representation of the community people to work for the betterment of the Kashmiri Pandits.
They reminded the GOI of APMCC vision document titled Path for Survival submitted to the Prime Minister in 2005 in which such development councils were demanded and a roadmap for the rehabilitation of the community discussed.
Stressing the need to take the Pandit community on board they said that Pandits feel alienated due to lackluster attitude of the state and central governments towards Kashmiri Migrants adding it was time GOI initiates some solid schemes like creation of Development Council to reduce the sufferings of the Kashmiri Migrant Pandits.
They said that APMCC has learned that GOI was again trying to ignore KPs in this matter but warned that no discrimination with the community would be tolerated anymore.
APMCC has said that it was a long pending demand of the KPs and would go a long way to mitigate their sufferings besides creating a sense of belonging among the community.