APMCC party leader Vinod Pandit asks political leaders to stop confusing Jammu and Kashmir people



All Parties Migrants Co-ordination Committee (APMCC) has expressed serious concern over the political developments in the state and castigated the role of some law makers who take oath on Indian constitution but be fool the people of Kashmir through their pro-separatist utterances.

In a statement here today APMCC Chairman Vinod Pandit has said that the political situation in Jammu and Kashmir was confusing as everybody is taking the voters of the state granted for their own vested interests by issuing contradictory statements.

Pandit said that while government formation is being delayed without any reason there are few lawmakers who on the one hand take oath on Indian constitution but on the other hand try woo separatists of Kashmir valley by uttering separatists language.

He said if these lawmakers have such a problem with Indian constitution they must shun their membership of the state legislature and join separatist bandwagon openly without be fooling the residents of the state.

Giving an example of Er Rasheed he said that he has been uttering pro-separatist language since he became the law maker last time but to reap the dividends he does not refrain from taking oath on Indian constitution which only exposes such people of their dual stand.

Pandit said that on the one side they issue statements welcoming Kashmiri Pandits back to Valley and on the other they dictate terms as where and how to return.

He said that these so called pro-separatist legislators as well as leaders of Hurriyat conference were sending confusing signals as regards to Kashmiri Pandits or West Pakistan refugees.

Pandit said that while they want a government in place, ministries in the cabinet but on the other hand warn of agitation on granting citizenship to West Pakistan refugees which indicates that these people are only interested in creating confusion to befool the people and make hay while the political Sun shines over them.

Asking these leaders to stop confusing the people for their vested interests Pandit said that these law makers as well as Hurriyat leaders must come clear on their stand and not create a state of confusion which will only hamper the development of the state.

Asking the law makers to put a government in place soon in the J&K he said people in J&K need a government and not confusion as the state was already under huge financial and developmental crisis and needs immediate attention of the elected government.


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