An app that makes your phone life easy


An app that makes your phone life easyNew York:  If you hate receiving calls while attending to something important but are worried as to what the incoming call may have in store for you, try this app that would make your life easier.

The app called Talko focuses on group calls and organising an ongoing stream of communication, MIT Technology Review reported.

“People often despise hearing the phone ring. They hate getting interrupted, not knowing what the priority or subject of the call is,” its developer Ray Ozzie, a former chief technology officer at Microsoft, was quoted as saying.

With the new communication app, conversations can be tagged by subject and are recorded and stored by default.


“Because calls are preserved, you can bookmark bits of audio with notes to keep track of key points and those notes can be seen by someone who couldn’t take part in the live discussion,” Ozzie informed.

You can also add hashtags to conversations so you can search the topic later on.

Any member of a group can add audio messages to a discussion at another time.

Talko incorporates photos as well.

The app is currently available for iPhone users.