Apple Village – Kashmir; Basmati Village – Jammu; Solar Village – Ladakh

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Puneet G

So the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) of the PDP-BJP alliance is a broad idea that the Honourable Chief Minister and the Honorable Finance Minister have discussed in detail in the House. Broadly, the CMP envisages many things some of which are contentious issues and the others a common vision for the furtherance of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Apple Orchard  Courtesy - Skymet weather
Apple Orchard
Courtesy – Skymet weather

In the same broadway view of things, the common minimum program programme has envisaged is the proposal for creation of an “Apple Village” for Kashmir, a “Basmati Village” for Jammu and a “Solar Village” for Ladakh with the purview of promoting the niche product in these areas. Mr Nawang Ringzin Jora asked in the house today if there were any plans for an “Apricot Village” in Ladakh region under the niche product school of thought, but looks like that is not an idea under scrutiny as of now.

Saffron Farming Courtesy - Greater Kashmir
Saffron Farming
Courtesy – Greater Kashmir

The Honourable Finance Minister, Haseeb Drabu in his budget speech has announced on a pilot basis, ONE village to be developed as a model Basmati village in Jammu Division alongwith one model Apple village and one model Saffron village in Kashmir Division. The model Apple village will be provided with a small controlled Atmospheric store, a grading and picking line and a packaging unit. This village will also be given a root stock to develop a high density orchard. The Basmati village, similarly, will have all the facilities from growing, packing and branding of Basmati.

Rice Field  Courtesy - earlytimesnews
Rice Field
Courtesy – earlytimesnews

The Solar village, though it is not called Solar so far, will be developed in Ladakh to demonstrate the use of Solar Dryers and Modern Technologies for Horticulture processing.