Are Army trucks exempt from spreading pollution?


By Citizen Journalist Aarif Yousuf

The video clip above shows how this Army truck is emanating smoke from the exhaust. Automobiles are the greatest polluters emitting toxic gases and adding up to  the the planet-wide problem of Pollution. These automotive emissions have the most negative impact when  you are stuck in traffic, surrounded by cars, buses and trucks with their engines idling.

With thousands of trucks releasing toxic substance, the Clean and Green Jammu and Kashmir will soon be as polluted as the metro cities of India.

It is to be noted that the video clip shows an Army Truck heedlessly emanating toxic smoke from the exhaust.

Are Army vehicles exempt from spreading pollution?

With hundreds of trucks moving on the road, the people are just getting poisoned. If every citizen is expected to consider these little things for the sake of a healthy environment and clean air, aren’t the Army trucks as much responsible?

Even they have a moral responsibility towards the air of the state.

How can they disregard concern towards a healthy and clean environment. A civilian drifting away from these responsibilities is charged and warned but hundreds of such Army trucks go unnoticed by the law executioners. They are neither charged, nor warned and are free to radically worsen the matter with no rule or barrier to stop them. Can they too show a little more concern towards the environment, state and the people instead of just recklessly poisoning them ?



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