Are CompTIA A+ Exam Dumps from ExamSnap Worth Using?


If you are a fresh graduate or are seeking to change your career and join the IT industry, acquiring the CompTIA A+ certification will work to your advantage. The A+ is recognized as the foundational credential for any further certifications of the higher levels, especially if you want to update your skills. This is because it shapes you to be a problem solver while equipping you with infallible skills in networking, operating systems, and the secure use of mobile devices.

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Useful information about CompTIA A+ exams

In order to attain this certification, you must pass two exams – the CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 or the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2). These are two series of CompTIA A+ certification. The 901 and 902 exams are retiring this year. In fact, the last day for the English version is July 31, 2019. Other languages such as German, Japanese, and Portuguese will retire in October, 2019.

Whether you sit for the A+ 900 series or the A+ 1000 series, the structure of the exams remains the same with passing scores of 675 and 700 respectively. It is important to mention that it is not allowed to combine exams across the series. Each exam contains a maximum of 90 questions, which are based on nine thematic areas. Thus, some of them include hardware, networking, mobile devices, security, and operating systems. The tests are multiple-choice questions and some may require more than one response. Moreover, each exam will cost you $219.

With the A+ certification, you can work as a Support Specialist, Field Service Technician or even as a Desktop Support Analyst. While for the most employers’ experience can be a huge factor when it comes to compensation, you can expect an average pay of $59K per year.

There are various materials at your disposal to help you prepare for your exams. These include online courses such as the CompTIA CertMaster Practice for A+, e-books and practice exam dumps from various sites. One of the popular sites that provide exam preparation materials for IT certifications is ExamSnap. It stands out as the go-to site due to its reputation of providing materials designed by seasoned experts in the IT industry.

However, the lingering question in the mind of a newbie would be whether the CompTIA A+ exam dumps from this site are really helpful. This is a valid concern to every candidate who is keen on getting the right materials to pass their exams.

Here are the reasons why exam dumps from ExamSnap are the best you can get on the market:

1. They are prepared by well-reputed experts in the field

Before using any exam dump, it is wise to find out who the author is. As in the case with ExamSnap, there are both free and premium exam dumps. IT specialists who have passed their certifications tests upload these free practice exam questions. They also share their experience on what worked for them.

On the other hand, the paid exam dumps are prepared by experts with a specialty in CompTIA A+ certification and have been in the industry for long. Some of these subject matter experts work with examining bodies such as CompTIA and are therefore acquainted with exam standards of the organization. This gives you all the reasons to trust their judgment on what to expect in your exams.

2. They cover exam objectives comprehensively

Just like any other test preparation resources on this site, the exam dumps are designed to cover all objectives of the A+ certification. To achieve this, the dumps include as many questions as possible and are updated every 30 days. This makes sure the information available is the most updated and relevant to the candidate.

3. They follow a question-answer structure

The practice exams follow a question-answer structure that allows candidates to know which questions they fail and what the appropriate response should have been. This enhances their learning process while offering the right guidance to mastering key certification objectives. This means that learners will not only be gauging their competency and skills but also learning new concepts they are yet to master.

4. Have positive reviews by past users

From reviews of past users of ExamSnap premium test dumps, many users confess that most of the questions in the real exams resembled those in the practice tests. This is a huge encouragement that the dumps offered at ExamSnap are extremely relevant to yourpreparation for the A+ exams.

5. Excellent performance by past exam takers

The site updates its statistics every week. On average, most exam takers have consistently scored over 85% in all exams. This is a big win given that the passing scores of exams are 675 and 700. This can be attributed to the fact that the test questions are highly comprehensive and cover the scope of the A+ certification.

6. Cost-friendly compared to most CompTIA A+ exam prep resources

It’s no secret that acquiring IT certifications is an expensive endeavor. For instance, the cost of the A+ exams is $438. If you add the cost of the official CompTIA CertMaster Practice for A+ which is $499, this totals up to $937. Now, with this site, you get exam preparation resources at a cost of $95.94. For that price, you get 3 products for 220-901 exam, which include a premium file, a training course and a study guide. The same package goes for 220-902 test. It’s a great bargain, isn’t it? It is therefore very clear that if you want to cut the cost of certification, ExamSnap has got you covered.


The importance of acquiring the CompTIA A+ certification if you are a new IT professional cannot be overemphasized. This is because it provides you with fundamental skills in the IT world and helps you to find footing in your roles. When preparing for A+ exams, it is important to use materials that are helpful, whether from CompTIA or other sites. In this regard, exam dumps from ExamSnap have proven to be quite helpful to candidates across the globe and you can trust them fully.