Are people in Kashmir discarding newly born children?

Jammu and Kashmir

SRINAGAR, MARCH 14: A 20-day-old girl with Down’s syndrome was abandoned by her mother in Ward-2 of the hospital on Saturday. A woman in veil had entered the hospital on Saturday afternoon and kept the baby girl on a bed.

Three weeks ago, another month-old-baby boy was abandoned at a shrine in the old city Srinagar.

A woman attendant of the hospital said that the woman did not came back after she told her she is going outside to fetch the medicines.

The hospital administration had filed a complaint with the police to trace the woman, said Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr Shafaqat Khan.

However, Dr Khan said the hospital authorities were finding it difficult to keep the babies in the hospital for long.

“We are providing necessary healthcare, but we can’t keep them here forever,” he said.

The hospital administration has requested NGOs and civil society groups to come forward and help in adopting the abandoned babies.

“We have been appealing people for help for adoption or personalised care of these babies. Unfortunately, no one came forward,” said Dr Khan.

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