Army and Civil Administration organises disaster management exercise in Ramban district

Jammu, Jan 18: Every year around winters, heavy snowfall avalanches and landslides causes blockade of National Highway 44 resulting in stranding of passengers. In addition, frequently there are vehicle accidents resulting in injuries to passengers and loss of life. Considering this Rashtriya Rifles Battalions under Delta Force organised two days Disaster Management Exercise code named “Hiffazat-E-Awam” in Ramban District on 18 January and 19 January 2016.  The exercise is planned with civil administration to coordinate the response of all stake holders to tackle challenges posed by weather conditions or natural calamities.

A Joint Control Cell is established at SDM Office, Banihal from where certain disaster situations are painted to test the reactions of various agencies.  In one such situation, a vehicle rescue operation in the area of Shaitani Nala was painted which saw timely and coordinated response from all stakeholders, civil administration, JKP, fire brigade persons, Army disaster assistance teams and Red Cross Quick Reaction Team. Over a period of two days various situations will be painted and rehearsed by all the agencies.

As part of exercise, Task force disaster assistance teams of Rashtriya Rifles Battalions based at Nachlana and Banihal participated alongwith civil agencies.  Such exercises raised the confidence of locals in Army and civil administration. The effort of Delta Force in taking a lead role in organising such exercise has been highly appreciated by the civil administration and JKP. The civil administration has assured all cooperation and help in future also.

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