Rashtriya Rifles Battalion located at Jhangar under Uniform Force started a week long Mushroom Cultivation Training for the farmers, villagers and unemployed youth hailing from the remote and border areas of Nowshera Tehsil in coordination with District Agriculture Department, at Jahngar, today.   More than 40 farmers, villagers and youth from the area will undergo this training program.

The officials of Agriculture Department educated the young aspiring entrepreneurs and farmers about the measures being taken by the Agriculture Department to help the farmers to earn their livelihood by providing requisite technological know-how and material for cultivating mushrooms, adoption of improved agriculture practices for better results.  They emphasized upon mushroom farming emerging as an important agro-based industry in Jammu Division also.  He further added about the Button and Dhingri mushroom varieties which are more conducive to the soil and weather conditions of this area.


One of the farmers, Shri Satpal S/o Nand Lal of Saryah Village, conveyed his gratitude to the Army for giving an opportunity to attend the Cadre and vowed to start his own venture after obtaining the requisite expertise in the field.  The successful completion of this event will result in fostering closer relationship between the locals and the Indian Army and help to generate better trust and goodwill among the masses besides winning their hearts and minds.

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