Army rescues young children from Avalanche


Udhampur: Army today launched a swift rescue mission in the aftermath of an avalanche in the higher reaches of T Santwari, approximately 11 Km from Macchal Tehsil in Kupwara district and saved  precious lives.

Three teenagers,  Mehraj Khan S/o Bashir Khan R/o Katwar Village, Javed Khan S/o Md Yunus R/o Thalli Village and Quaiser Ahmed Mir S/o Abdul Rahman Mir R/o TSuntbala Village were crossing avalanche prone area when  the avalanche struck.

The Army detachment at T Sant quickly  sprung into action on observing  the boys  caught in the avalanche today afternoon. Undeterred by the raging blizzard, 15-20 feet of standing snow and further avalanche warnings, the Army’s Avalanche Rescue Team  was immediately launched for the rescue equipped with  Rescue Equipment including Avalanche Victim Detector with the help of which contact with the boys was established quickly .

The team found the boys, buried under 10 feet of snow, in a state of shock and  physical exhaustion and administered critical first aid at the site itself.


The rescue mission was able to successfully evacuate  Javed Khan aged 16 yrs  and Qaisar Ahmad Mir, 14 yrs.  However, the third boy Mehraj Khan, 16 yrs unfortunately succumbed to his grievous  injuries.

The Army, in this act, has reinforced its commitment to stand by the people of Kashmir in their hour of need.