Arnab in a light-hearted video describes the origin of ‘Nation Wants to Know’


The first thing when Arnab Goswami’s name comes to mind if of a bespectacled guy inhumanly screaming his liver out at the weekly two-hour show called the News Hour on Times Now’s. However, a human version of the Editor-in-Chief of Times Now, Arnab Goswami, does exist and was on display in an interview he gave to Red FM. Not once, we repeat not once did Arnab Goswami shout in the video or move his hands frantically.

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Arnab is talking in Assamese in the video and tells the Radio channel that he is a good-listener as against what most people opine of him.

“You won’t believe…they (my friends) will tell you that I am a very good listener..(laughs)…which you may not agree..but when I sit with my friends, I talk less and I listen more,” said Goswami.

In the light hearted interview, Goswami assured the interviewer that he led a ‘normal life’ and was a ‘normal family man’. People, according to Goswami, ask him if he is keeping well at social functions because they do not see him screaming. Goswami also confesses in the video that news was his life and that he had no other interest.

The interviewer points to him about the Troll Memes flooding social media platforms around him. Goswami again in a light vein responds,”I am quite flattered. No one gives me royalty but they make spoofs of me…I get to see the spoof videos. It’s good. It’s good fun.”

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In the 4-and-a-half minute video, Goswami reveals that debating was his school hobby.

“Earlier, in studio, I used to have very calm, quiet discussions…so I used to really miss debating. Later when I got the chance to start a new channel of my own, then I really came back to my old habits. And the last 7-8 years my hobby, school hobby of debating, has become my career. And I have never enjoyed myself more on a daily basis,” he told the radio channel.

Funny enough, Arnab Goswami also describes the origin of his catchphrase ‘Nation wants to know’.

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