Arora paid tributes to Capt. Dewan Singh


JAMMU: State Vice-President & Kashmir Prabhari Ramesh Arora (Adv.) paid homage to the departed Capt. Dewan Singh, he was great man and legend in the history of Jammu & Kashmir. Such personality is born in centuries. He was closely associated with Maharaja Hari Singh at the time, when everybody left his company. He was also associated with Praja Parishad Movement and remained active in different activities of Jana Sangh, Janata Party and now BJP.

Arora said he has spent poise, unblemished life and was always worried and concerned with the ongoing activities in the state. He spent his life as per the wishes  of Maharaja Hari Singh and dedicated life in education field and looking after other affairs of left property by Maharaja Hari Singh.

Arora said words are not there to reflect his life and personality because we have lost great man and it is not only loss to the family but a loss to state of Jammu & Kashmir. God may bless  his soul at rest and give courage to the family members to bear this loss and society need to follow the life of such person.

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