Article 35-A: JKPA attacks PDP with ‘quirky’ placards. See Pics


Jammu Kashmir Peoples Alliance (JKPA) today led a protest against Govt’s non seriousness in protecting article 35A. The members of JKPA marches with quirky placard in their hands, slyly attacking the Govt. for their laid back attitude regarding Article 35 A.

Asserting that people of state, irrespective of their political beliefs and regional affiliations, are unanimous in protecting Article 35-A, the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Alliance demands that Govt. must call a special session of Legislature to discuss measures to build consensus on the issue.

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Main opposition National Conference (NC) and other political parties in Kashmir, have already urged the coalition PDP-BJP government to call special session of the Legislature to discuss the issue.

However, the civil society members, including senior lawyers and members of state Bar Association, said that they are not satisfied with affidavit submitted by the state government in the Supreme Court (SC) in response to the PIL, seeking abrogation of Article 35-A.

“We the people of J&K irrespective of political beliefs, religions, denominations, geographical destinations and ethnic classifications are united in defence of the protection of Article 35-A and Article 370 till the final settlement of Kashmir dispute. We can’t afford the luxury of ignorance and neglect, deceit and deception in scraping the special protections guaranteed in terms of Article 35A ore Article 370,” he added.

“The various sections of the society especially the civil society members are raising their voices in defence of Article 35-A and against its abrogation though public protests, seminars, symposiums in a peaceful and democratic way but the gravity and seriousness with which the matter deserves to be attended at political and legal level is lacking,” he said.
He said delegations of Civil Society members will meet leaders of mainstream political parties, separatists and businessmen in all three regions of the state to united them against attempts being made to abrogate Article 35-A.