Article 35A helped Dogras preserve their identity and interests: Rana

“A place that had been a shining example of cultural assimilation and co-existence finds itself pushed to the wall: Its cultural identity and very existence is at peril now,” he said referring to the attempts being made to abolish the law which empowers J&K legislature to define its permanent residents.

“Why does the state of Jammu and Kashmir in general, and Jammu in particular, feel compelled to fight for the rights bestowed by the Indian Constitution, 70 years after Independence? Why should Jammu worry about preserving its race, language, history, legends and tradition in the multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-racial canvas of India? What has gone wrong that the peaceful, compassionate and tolerant Dogras, ingrained with secular ethos, feel challenged by the overt and covert attempts to remove Article 35A of the Constitution?” he asked in the write-up.

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