Article 370- What good has it done to the state??


Many state leaders are advocating the significance of this article and now BJP too has abandoned its demand of abrogation of article 370 as the party is ready to compromise on the matter despite the criticism from the people of Jammu and also the central leadership. Amid the chaos due to the Article 370 the matter narrows down to the question- What is J&K getting from Article 370?

The Article came into existence just as a temporary provision that was to be removed in due course of time but even after 67 years of independence it hasn’t been abrogated. The state has its own constitution and its own flag and the article hence separates J&K from the rest of the country.

No political party ever touched Article 370, afraid of losing the vote bank. But if we look back there are too little of the benefits that this provision has given to the state or the people of this state.  The literacy rate, the economic growth, security issues have not been up to the mark as the provision has rather proved a hurdle in the growth of the state. Other citizens are not allowed to buy any property in the state and hence the private investment gets hampered, which further affects the economic growth of the state. The youth too is left with a narrow share of employment options that is majorly from the government sector only. As a result the youth prefers to move out of the city in search of jobs. The state coffers were empty lately and only because of the funds provided by the central government the state could balance itself.

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