Arvind Kejriwal assumes office as Delhi’s Chief Minister, highlights of his speech


Highlights of what Arvind Kejriwal said after taking oath as Delhi’s chief minister Saturday:

— I knew people of Delhi love us. But I did not know they love us so much. (On winning 67 of 70 seats.)

— When the votes were counted, the seats were raining. This has to be a miracle.

— People from all sections, religions voted for us.

— God is trying to convey a message (by giving AAP such a majority). We have to understand the message.

— When such a big victory comes, arrogance follows. We need to be humble.

— I see (some) arrogance in the AAP. This is not right.

— We were over ambitious in the Lok Sabha election. We were taught a lesson.

— If AAP volunteers do anything wrong, police should give them double the punishment.

— We have to make Delhi the first corruption-free city in India. We can do it.

— I respect Kiran Bedi. She is like my elder sister.

— We (I and my colleagues) will work 24 hours a day. I promise that.

— We will make Delhi a secure city for all.

— I will stay in Delhi and work for Delhi’s development for five years.

— If anybody demands bribe, do a sting with your mobile phone and send the recording to us.

— We have to end VIP culture.

— Please leave Delhi to the people of Delhi. (To Prime Minister Narendra Modi.)

— AAP volunteers are pearls, they are gold.

— I am sure the Indian cricket team will win the World Cup.

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