Asia Cup 2018: Twitter feels the love as Pakistan superfan Bashir Chacha wears Indian jersey


Bashir Chacha is one of the biggest supporters of the Pakistani cricket team and can be seen often cheering for the team wearing the green jersey.

The Pakistan superfan who is also known as Chacha Chicago is regular feature in the stands.

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However, on Friday, Chacha was seen wearing a different colour and cheering a different team- Pakistan’s arch rival.

Bashir Chacha was present during the Asia Cup final match between India and Pakistan wearing an Indian jersey and waving the tricolour.

As Pakistan did not the final, Chacha was seen cheering Team India in the match along side Indian fan Sudhir Gautam.

Cricket fans on Twitter were all love for this gesture by Bashir Chacha.

Bashir Chacha was also in the news for sponsoring Indian superfan Sudhir Gautam’s Dubai trip for the Asia Cup 2018 as the Indian fan did not have sufficient finances to travel for the tournament.