Ask us value of freedom, we are slaves of Pakistan: POK Citizens

Image Courtesy - IBN Live

The people from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) opened their hearts to media before returning to their country on Monday.

“What independence do people in Kashmir want? Who is living as a slave in India? Ask us what slavery is. We are living in a constant fear of Pakistani army. In fact, we can’t even breathe without their permission, ” said Fazal Hussain citizen of POK.

Image Courtesy - IBN Live
Image Courtesy – IBN Live

He also claimed that what Kashmiris called Azad Kashmir is not free at all. Those who want freedom in Kashmir should come and live in POK for just one month, then only they will understand the importance of freedom. People there are sacred to send their children to school.

“Government of India is providing you subsidies but in POK you have to buy everything without getting these benefits. The government  does not bother even if you are poor. You can roam in Jammu and Kashmir without any  fear and there are no restrictions . The army and security forces help you in case you need them. But in POK the army with the consent of government take away all the men and young boys from the villages. They beat them and torture them. Here you are living a better life, “he further added.

There passengers were travelling by Poonch-Rawalkot bus.


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