Assessment of damages speedily underway : Sakina


Minister for Social Welfare sakin aSrinagar:  Minister for Social Welfare today said that losses on account of huge damage caused to the public infrastructure, private property, standing crops and trade and commerce are being assessed for compensation to the affected people.
She said that after rescue operations now priority of the Government is on relief and rehabilitation process. She said that, in various meetings with District administration. She has directed the administration to intensify the assessment report so that follow up action will be taken as early as possible.
She said that she has asked the Anganwadi workers to come forward to assist community mobilization regarding health care advisories by associating with medical teams. She said instructions have also been given to ICDS functionaries to ensure safety of children, women who are enrolled in Anganwadi centres and also ensure that only clean and fresh food supply is provided to the children.

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