At-last Funds Released For Renovation of Historical Monuments In Jammu After Begin Ignored For Years


After being ignored for years, Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has finally released funds for the renovation of historical monuments in Jammu. The government has finally thought of preserving the heritage of Jammu which has been lacking attention for decades.

Jammu and Kashmir Department of Archives, Archaeology, and Museums as per CAPEX BUDGET 2019 under State Sector sanction has released funds to tourism for the renovation of historic monuments.

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There are many monuments that are the pride of Jammu but are under the risk of extinction due to a lack of effort and attention by the government. Many peoples have ruled J&K but nobody thought of preserving the rich heritage that belongs to Jammu and Kashmir. Monuments like historical mosque of Jaffer Chak, Jammu, Ladden Kotli Fort at Udhampur, Mansar Haveli at Samba and Dogra Art Museum, Jammu are under the list of renovation.

Around Rs, 37.13 lakh under the scheme “3101—Repair and Preservation of Monuments (Archives) has been released by the government. For the renovation of the historical mosque at Jaffer Chak, Jammu, Rs 31.46 lakh has been allotted. Rs 99.15 lakh has been sanctioned for the renovation and repair of Ladden Kotli Fort at Udhampur. For the repair and renovation of Mansar Haveli at Samba, Rs 68.54 lakh was the estimated cost, out of which Rs 45 lakh had been allotted and for the renovation and repair of Dogra Art Museum, Jammu, Rs 8.79 lakh was the estimated cost, out of which Rs 7.50 was allotted.

Why there has been so much delay in protecting our rich culture and heritage? Why the government has to wait for almost 72 years to release the funds for renovation?

Jammu has always been the soft target of everybody and nobody has ever thought of increasing the tourist footfall in this city of temples. Why Jammu has ever never been considered the tourist destination or the place where investment can be done?

The funds that are released are mostly utilized by Kashmir and are mostly given to the valley only but developing Jammu has never been considered. But now for preserving the historical monuments, the funds are released and we hope that they are fully utilized for the renovation of Jammu’s historical monuments.

We can say that it is one step closer to the development of Jammu.