At Sunderbani Hospital, women are not cared about

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The Government Sub-division Hospital at Sunderbani has been referring the expecting mothers for check-ups to SMGS and GMC Jammu for the almost the past few weeks. This has happened due to the fact that the Hospital has just one Female Gynaecologist and she has been on a two-week break.

Government Hospital Sunderbani

Due to the fact that the majority of the female population prefer a female attending instead of male hence, the absence of the only female gynaecologist has posed trouble for the locals. One can imagine the plight of women who would be in the last stages of pregnancy leave alone those who are dependent on a female doctor for various other ailments.

Govt Hospital Sunderbani

The state of medical health in Jammu and Kashmir seems to only be dwindling into an abyss as just last week too a woman from Akhnoor, who had been referred to GMC, Jammu was forced to give birth to her baby on a bus as the local hospital had allegedly refused to provide an ambulance.

Incidents like these reflect the loopholes in our Medical System and point at the callous attitude of the Doctors. The Medicine Department has faced many complaints in the past few months and despite the fact that so many promises are made day in and day out, the Government has failed to provide the people.

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