Atleast provide water and power to Muslim areas in Ramzan

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Citizen Journalist Report by Satish Sharma


The holy month of Ramzan has become a supremely testing time for the faithful who have been wrestling with both the hot and humid weather as well as the complete failure of basic facilities of drinking water and power in Jammu. As it is, the period of Ramzan is a testing time as it takes a toll on those who pay obeisance through waterless fasting. The lack of even fresh drinking water has rendered this month even more difficult.

In past, all governments made it a point to ensure adequate drinking water supply and regular power to areas in particular where Muslims live in sizeable numbers. Unfortunately, the new political amalgamation of BJP-PDP have rested their responsibilities only in Kashmir. Muslims are a minority in Jammu and are not taken seriously by anyone.

For days together, there was no power supply in Trikuta Nagar Extensions where Muslim residents like their other brothers and sisters could just curse their fate. While talking to people in several such neighbours, it has come to be known that those who can afford water Tankers which charge Rs 700-850, manage their water requirements. Others just wait and wait to receive their share of water supply for hours and even days.

The JMC team visits only the residential areas of so called VVIPs-Political touts to get popular applause. What gets neglected completely is the non-attentive approach to common man who does not live near the houses of VVIPs. Furthermore, while in main Gandhi Nagar and Trikuta Nagar scores of Safai Karamcharis clean the streets, the adjoining extensions are no one’s concern. In the dark of the night when Muslim residents to go to mosques and there is no power and obviously no lights on the street, the filth on the roads make their time a pain in the wrong areas.

Is the JMC listening?

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