Attacks on mobile towers a ploy to reinvent terror in the state

Image Courtesy- Online Media Sources

The state government in Jammu and Kashmir despite following a healing touch policy towards the insurgents must also take immediate measures to ensure that the onslaught on the mobile communication network which has been unleashed in the valley is neutralized as soon as possible. The attacks on mobile phone towers, and employees of a company in Sopore reaffirm fears that it could be a ploy by terror groups to reassemble, and give a fillip to their activities.

Sopore has been a hotbed of militancy in the past, and there was a time when the writ of terror organizations ran in the area. However it was with great effort, and loss of lives that a semblance of normalcy and peace were brought in this militancy infested region which is also close to border areas from which infiltration into Kashmir valley happens.

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The attacks on mobile phone towers emanating from Sopore send an ominous signal that terrorists could be reuniting, and reassembling their wares, and organizing themselves under a new strategy to spread mayhem, and terror in valley which has witnessed some thaw in past few years. The Mufti government is also seen as a friend by the separatists and this has also brought the political temperature down. However it is imperative on the government that militants should not be allowed to call the shots in the valley as this would give them a psychological edge, and also send the message that they are still relevant despite being on the verge obsolescence.

The latest onslaught on mobile communication towers came after employees of a mobile company removed a devise which had been set up the terrorists to operate their own telecom system for clandestine communication. After realizing that their equipment had been removed the terrorists attacked the local vendor, and killed an employee. The result is that mobile communication system in Sopore and Baramulla has been stopped. And this is what the militants wanted, the security forces which were using this network are also now devoid of a mobile communication system, and also they cant keep a track on suspected terror groups.

It is time that security, and intelligence agencies get cracking on this conspiracy as it seems to be part of a larger conspiracy to give another fillip to terror in Kashmir valley.

Image Courtesy – online media sources