Attention! Jammu women ‘Banned’ from travelling alone, as per new fatwa


Clerics issue regressive fatwa

Jammu: Clerics of the Majlis-e-Shoura, a religious conglomerate, in Jammu and Kashmir have issued a misogynist fatwa barring women from going to public places alone. Posters have been put up across the town of Jammu asking everyone to follow this diktat.

In addition to this regressive fatwa, the conglomerate has also listed some other equally absurd directives, including a ban on music during engagement and marriage parties, a demand that boys and girls must be taught in separate classes, and even a ban on women visiting exhibitions and circus since as there they mingle with men.

“We wish that no activity against Islam takes place like playing music during weddings or that women and men gather at the same place Islam teaches that women remain under the Pardah, and women shouldn’t talk to men,” the Majlis-e-Shoura has stated.


“Around two to three weeks back we had asked the Jama Masjid as well as the other Masjids to strike off the names of the people who are not adhering to this. This is the same reason why we have named a few people here,” the conglomerate adds.

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According to Times Now, the religious conglomerate issued a list of diktats imposing restrictions on women in the state. According to the diktat, women can’t go to markets and public events alone, they must not interact with men on the streets and there will be separate classrooms for boys and girls in schools as co-education is ‘un-Islamic’.

The list also said that music should be banned at marriage ceremonies and any kind of entertainment during weddings will lead to the violators being socially boycotted. The violators will be shamed publicly, the clerics said.

Women should only venture out in the company of their father, husband or brother, the clerics warned.

This diktat in Jammu and Kashmir has come just a day after Darul Ifta, the largest seminary in India, termed all parlour activities as “un-Islamic” and asked Muslim women to refrain from them, ANI reported. The fatwas have sparked off a controversy as women activists all over India are questioning the fatwa.

This is not the first time that such fatwas have made the news. In 2013, Darul Uloom Deoband had issued a fatwa banning photography, while in 2010, it said that women and men cannot work together unless the women are “properly” clothed.

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