Autonomy and self rule ended in Jammu and Kashmir as soon as Article 370 ended


Jammu & Kashmir: In the changed political situation with the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir, the National Conference (NC) has also come to understand the fact that the slogan of Autonomy is irrelevant. Also, the party’s silence on 370 is indicative of their soft stance. However, the top leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is still not ready to understand the reality. This is the reason why the PDP is still politically inactive.

With independence from Article 370, the politics of slogans like Autonomy and Self Rule came to an end in the state. Since then, prominent leaders and activists of several parties including NC, PDP, Congress, People’s Conference have been under detention or detention. The three former chief ministers of the state, Dr Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti are also in custody.

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There was speculation that there would be a sharp reaction from the NC and PDP on the Centre’s decision, but nothing like this happened during the last two months. It is different that NC MPs reacted sharply to the Centre’s decision, but they too could not make people stand on this issue. This is the reason why NC has started to indicate a change of attitude in the current circumstances.

The change in the NC strategy is gauged from the meeting of party leaders Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah on Sunday. After this meeting, NC leaders have not issued any statement regarding Article 370 anywhere. However, NC leaders indicated the need to launch an agitation to give full statehood status to Jammu and Kashmir. This is not the first time that NC has indicated to give up the slogan of Autonomy. Earlier, during the month of August also, a senior NC leader who is locked in Central claimed that Farooq Abdullah has currently asked everyone to be ready for the movement for statehood.