How to avoid weight gain this festive season



New Delhi: Worried about weight gain during festive season? Here are some healthy tips to bail you out.

Chirag Sethi, director of Battle of Bulges, doles out tips to help people stay fit while you enjoy the food fiesta during the festive season.

* Start by calculating and making your meal plan for the day. If you starve the whole day, the chances of bingeing and adding extra calories are high. Be sure to eat in moderation throughout the day.

* Avoid soft drinks when thirsty, have water or coconut water instead.

* In case of overeating, compensate by cutting calories the next day.

* Avoid having sweets right after meals as it can increase the chances of weight gain.

* Those with the sweet tooth should indulge in sweets in the morning as the liver’s stores are empty at this time and chances of gaining weight are slim.

* Compensate for a skipped workout session by walking more than you usually do or by climbing a flight of stairs as opposed to taking the lift.

* Keep some almonds handy, a full stomach is the key to staying away from the calorie-filled box of sweets.

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