Axing 63 sends stern message to corrupt, inefficient in J&K Govt


Ministers personal staff, Mufti asks ministers to take approval, relatives of ministers in Jammu and Kashmir, relatives of ministers in Jammu, relatives of ministers in kashmir, relatives of ministers in J&K government, Mufti Mohammed Sayeed PDP, PDP-BJP coalitionThe state government has sent a very right message to the government employees, and bureaucrats that they are accountable to the people, and the rule of law. The perception that no action can be taken against a state employee has taken root among the employees who violated every rule of law to make something on the sly. Since government rarely punished it’s employees indiscipline, corruption, abuse of power, arrogance, and dereliction of duty had become a norm rather than something which happened occasionally. So sure were the employees of managing things that they did not care for any warning or action initiated against their lot.


The decision to axe 63 government functionaries, and send them on forced retirement is a positive one, and includes some high ranking officials including those who held senior positions in their departments. The good thing is that this action is not vindictive, and proper investigation has been don’t to identify this deadwood against many of whom vigilance cases have been filed. It goes to the credit of the high powered committee under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary which carried out this exercise in a fair and transparent manner. The CM, and his government should also be appreciated for taking this bold decision but this should not be a one time affair but regular appraisal of the government employees is a must.

The people of the state would appreciate the decision taken by the government though it sounds harsh but musical to them because they have suffered badly at the hands of an insensitive bureaucracy which leads a similar workforce that is corrupt, inefficient and unproductive. It is hoped that a strong warning will go to the entire workforce employed by the government that they are answerable to the taxpayer, and they are not on a picnic on our hard earned money.