Azad lying on border firings, says Arun

The Indian security forces are responding “more than adequately and effectively’’ in response to ceasefire violations by Pakistan unlike during the UPA days. The security forces have been given a free hand to take decisions at the local level to decide their response in cases of misadventure by the other side, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has asserted.

Serious ceasefire violations started on the borders last year, when a weak and rudderless UPA government was gasping, and about to expire. There was mass migration from several areas and this had happened mainly because the government of the day restrained the security forces from responding properly, a press release issued by the state spokesperson, Mr Arun Kumar Gupta, said.

The BJP has been steadfast in its resolve to rebuff the Pakistani misadventures, time and again, and the question of condoning them does not arise. This was clear from the manner in which foreign secretary level talks were called off in August after Pakistan officials met Hurriyat Conference leaders, Gupta pointed out.

The commanders of the security forces manning the border areas have been given clear-cut instructions to “give it back to the other side’’ if there are any incidents of firing. In the past, the commanders were told by the UPA government to be “restrained and not respond’’ and duck for cover, he added.

It is unfortunate that in this hour of crisis, when border people are facing the brunt of Pakistani firing, Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad is misleading the masses. He is making false and totally incorrect statements that our valiant security forces are not responding, contrary to the situation on the ground, Gupta pointed out.

Azad will do well to remember last year’s episodes of border firings, during UPA regime, and the weak response of the security forces as per orders then prevalent. The Congress leader only needs to refresh his memories that the weak-kneed response of the UPA government had emboldened the Pakistani side, Mr Gupta added.

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