B-Town family supports son’s extra-marital affair

Mumbai, October 07: This scoop is related to the supposedly accepted extra-marital affair between a man that belongs to a bollywood family and an actress.

This actress met the brother of a known actor at a non-filmi party and then came closer. Although the actor’s brother was already married but that never stopped him from having a bond with the actress. Both of them were hanging all around the town and he has also been reportedly giving this actress very expensive gifts.

Now, the actress has been seen enjoying at social parties with the family members and relatives of this man. The recent family gathering of this man was all organized by the actress and not his wife.

Instead of opposing the extra marital affair of actor’s brother, the actor’s family members actually appear to be very happy with the actress and extended a warm welcome to her on that particular occasion

Image Courtesy – http://www.dw.com/

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