Babar Afzal of J&K, Shekhar Kapur to speak along with Andrew McAfee, Alexander and Thor in London.

The Luxury Pashmina Artist, Activist, Shepherd to speak along with the Principal Research Scientist, MIT ,the Director of University of Oxford and Thor Bjorgolfsson Iceland’s sole billionaire.

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Babar, the most credible man on Pashmina in the world, and the voice for sustainable luxury pashmina of Himalayas known for his advocacy and art contribution in the pashmina eco-system in Himalayas has been picked up to speak in London along with Andrew McAfee, Principal research scientist MIT, Alexander Betts Director University of Oxford, Thor Bjorgolfsson Iceland’s sole billionaire and Shekhar Kaphur Bollywood filmmaker and philosopher.


Andrew McAfee studies how digital tech is changing business, the economy and society. Alexander Betts, Director University of Oxford researches the politics and economics of refugees. He is a professor in forced migration and international affairs at the University of Oxford.Thor Bjorgolfsson Iceland’s sole billionaire is an investor and self-proclaimed “adventure capitalist” who made billions, lost everything, then made it all back. Shekhar Kapur, Bollywood filmmaker & philosopher is a Bafta-award-winning filmmaker, Kapur has directed hit international and Bollywood movies, including Elizabeth and Bandit Queen. As a storyteller he embraces both panic and spirituality as creative tools.

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Babar of Jammu and Kashmir is also amongst the 13 Innovation Fellows Globally who have been offered the WIRED Global Innovation Fellowship of the Rumi Foundation. WIRED2016 will be bringing the WIRED world to life as it showcases the most disruptive minds, greatest innovators, the most radical thinkers and the newest technologies at London’s Tobacco Dock. These speakers will engage the audiences over the two-day event with live performances, and the latest technologies in the WIRED test lab with Telefónica Open Future. Babar is scheduled for extensive media interviews in UK where he will highlight the stake of the Sustainable Luxury Pashmina in the Luxury and Fashion Industry of the World and how he is planning to bring in social positive change across the region through innovative ways and associations that ensure new light and energy into the communities across Himalayas. Babar is also the inventor of Luxury Pashmina Art which he developed and created while he was living with the nomads across the Himalayan Region. His Contemporary and Abstract Luxury Pashmina Art is gaining popularity across the world and is also being priced highly. His work has made it to the private collections of the President of India, the Vice President of India, the former President of India and many Elite and Business Tycoons of the country.


Babar believes that at the beginning, luxury brands around the world were mostly small family businesses operated by high-quality artisans and craftspeople that had specialized areas of unique skills for which they had obtained a world reputation. Increasingly, leading luxury brands are taking steps in this direction and are introducing the idea of ‘sustainable luxury’ as an integral part of their own brand image. For his credible work in this field, he is being offered engagement at different levels with global pashmina start-ups, pashmina retails brands, art curators, fashion designers and fashion brands around the world that are committed to advancing good social, environmental, and animal-welfare practices in their business operations, including sustainable sourcing practices by engaging him for their ethical pashmina sourcing and product innovation in world’s finest pashmina.

Babar has been profiled by TIME magazine in it’s “Genius Issue” in the Above & Beyond section where only ten people have been profiled in the past one decade.

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